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Renew-E provides Renewable energy solutions for medium to large sized industries looking to design and implement an energy transition.


Along the last ten to five years these industries had to face a great challenge: implementing a different way of sourcing their energy from the one they used to do since inception.


Most of Renew-E’s clients were created from 50 to 100 years ago and look for long term partnerships. Two main external factors have recently sped up the urge of making the move towards a greener energy sourcing:


On one hand, the highly ambitious European/Worldwide legal frame aiming to reduce greenhouse gases. On the other, the increase of the EUA futures quoted on the main exchange ICE.


As a matter of fact, we are talking of more than a 100% increase over the last two years.


The meaning of Energy Transition:

Fading out the use of fossil fuels which stored ages ago carbon dioxide towards the use of organic wastes which captured dioxide carbon recently.


Thus, resulting in a more sustainable approach of producing essential goods.

Renew-E’s services ranges from the design of an energy transition to its operational implementation, in other words, Renew-E accompany its clients in all phases of the Project.

In order to give a better idea of what are the most common questions needed to be answered along the, let us provide a glimpse:

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